Anne Frank Remembered She is perhaps Hitler's best known victim, but what was Anne Frank really like?

Academy Award® Winner Best Documentary Featury

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This Oscar® winning feature documentary is the first and, to this day, the only truly comprehensive eye-witness account of the life and legacy of the iconic child diarist, Anne Frank.

This haunting documentary combines surprising and often emotional interviews, photographs and previously undiscovered family letters and rare archive footage (including the only known moving footage of Anne herself) with evocative contemporary film.

By peeling away the onion skin layers of mythology and concentrating closely on the details of Anne’s brief life, rather than her famous Diary, the film makes real, as never before, the story of this one child and her family, and those who lived and died with her.

“An extraordinary film” Time Out “Spellbinding. Dazzles with details and
honesty. This film is very, very special.” Fort Worth Star Telegraph
"A Masterpiece” The Independent "The most moving Holocaust
film of them all"Sunday Telegraph

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Anne Frank

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Choice of Narration and Diary Excerpt Languages: English or Dutch
English narration by Kenneth Branagh with excerpts from the Diary of Anne Frank by Glenn Close. Dutch narration by Ed Lautenslager with excerpts from the Diary of Anne Frank by Annemieke Luijckx.

Sub-title choices: English for the Hard of Hearing, Dutch, German, French, Spanish

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